Revive and reset your relationship with ingredients, inside and out.

Nutrition and Lifestyle 

One on one consultation sessions incorporate simple intuitive eating strategies with healthy healing ingredients, mindfulness, meditation and movement routines. You will embark on a new journey with personalized routines and recipes which are designed to invigorate balance & your well being.

Meet Lorna:  I am a certified Dietician, Medical Aesthetician and Yoga and pilates teacher. My wealth of experience that spans over 20 years enables me to bring organic movements into my client programs for whole body health awareness and effectively manage how stress affects our body.

How Can I Help You Meet Your Goals?

As a registered dietitian, my expertise is evidence based for working with intuitive programs to build a healthy relationship with your body & food. I specialize in working with chronic pain & disease and I offer both a conventional and a holistic approach to work with your needs. Step into your power, get energized and connect with your inner needs today. 

Meal Planning Made Easy 

Do you struggle with meal planning for you and your family? Planning healthy meals day after day can be such a daunting task. Batch prepping can ease the pressure for meal prep and help you to accommodate everyone in the household’s specific needs and limit food waste.  Join in to learn strategies for building healthy meals for your week!



Start up nutrition & lifestyle package: 

  • Initial consult, 2nd follow visit, customized goals using intuitive eating and movement strategies unique to client $395
  • Follow up sessions $150
  • Group Seminars starting at $350

5 Tips to Stay Healthy with Breakfast. 

Breakfast continues to prove to be the most important meal of the day! It helps to lower blood sugar, establish a healthy body weight and increase your energy. Making breakfast a priority can be a challenge if you are running short on time or struggle with having an appetite in the morning. Join in for a food demo to learn 5 key ways to pack in a nutritious meal first thing in your day. 




Learn How to Build Your Pantry 

Learn to build your basic shelf in a way that helps you to reduce chaos during meal prep times.  Join in for this pantry tour to learn the key ingredients to keep on hand in your pantry and how to best stay organized and prepared for making healthy balanced meals. If you are looking for motivation to stay creative and healthy in the kitchen you will want to tune in for this live demo for how to build your pantry and learn these key tips for how to stay organized and yet creative in your kitchen. 

*Clients can inquire for registered dietitian coverage under personal insurance plans. For additional packages, see Lorna’s website. www.lornadepetrillo.com

Ayurveda Abhyanga 

Anchor yourself with these ancient healing treatments which balance the dosa-s unique to your body towards a healthy state, on a cellular level. Traditional Indian oils applied to the skin will be carefully chosen to enhance your natural vibrancy and invigorate your body to improve blood circulation, digestion, sleep and focus. These treatments may include hot stones.

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  • 10 x 1 hour session

****Clients can inquire for registered dietitian coverage under personal insurance plans.****** For additional packages, contact us!